This summer, a plethora of activities and adventures await travelers of all ages. Especially if you plan to spend your holidays in the eastern part of the globe. Not only can you cheer on your favorite football team with millions of other fans, you can also do so in the world’s largest and possibly most intriguing country. Combine your Russian fairytale with a visit to the neighboring nations and fulfill your dream of discovering uncharted places.


If there’s one thing that the rest of the world has in common with Russia, it’s football. With more than half of the population defining themselves as fans, you’ll feel right at home during your travels this summer. Between the matches and game-related activities, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to do in a country that has it all: from characteristic cathedrals and unrivaled museums to the world’s deepest lake and largest forest area. No matter where you go, you’ll be met with marvels and mysteries beyond imagination.


Extend your eastern experience by exploring the countries close to Russia. This year’s sporting event grants a great opportunity to see the part of the world you’ve always wondered about but never had the chance to go to. Discover the valleys and vineyards of Georgia, the ancient history of Armenia, the multifaceted beauty of the Baltic states and much, much more.